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Diamond Properties Investment Structure

We offer two (2) models of investment at Diamond Properties. Your investments will target projects, which may include:

  • Multi families portfolio
  • Land developments
  • Traveling Nurses apartment
  • Senior Living facilities
  • Hotel

All investments are vetted with our expert teams, which are expected to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over the life of the project.

If you are interested, below are 2 models you can choose to invest in our current or upcoming projects.

Model 1: Preferred Equity

Based on your principal investment amount with Diamond Properties, we provide you with above market returns on your principal investment.

Preferred Equity means you will get first priority returns on your investments before any of the projects or partners being paid. Typical project returns are made in 6 to 12 months from historical projects.

Principal Investment ($):Interest for Preferred Equity:Interest Paid out ($):ROI (Principal & Interest) ($):
$50K to $250K12 %$6K to $30K$56K to $280K
$250K to $500K13 %$32.5K to $65K$282.5K to $565K
$500K to $750K14 %$70K to $105K$570K to $846K
$750K to $1 Million16 %$120K to $160K$870K to $1.16M
$1Million +Let’s discuss best return for your
investment – Call us
Call us to get maximum return on
your investment
Call us so we can offer you
maximum returns


Model 2: Joint Venture (JV) Partner

You invest 20 to 30% on the project price and you get returns on your investment for the lifetime of the project. Diamond Properties manages day to day operations and provides you with P&L and investment tax documents annually.

Project or PortfolioYour InvestmentReturns
Project Investment Price20 to 30% of Project investment priceAnnual return of investment percentage from NOI +
management by Diamond Properties for lifetime of project
Example: $3 Million Project$ 600K to $ 900K investmentReturn of 20%-30% from NOI of the project
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